this is alright

these are weird

Things that are weird: Vivenne Westwood ankle rainboots.  Barbie shoes for real people are all the rage as 2011 closes out.  Weirdness costs $150.



bananas/delta saints

Way to go, friends!!


Today in studio:  A concept for bus bicycle racks/baskets.

 Making the world a little more adorable through Photoshop.  

Perhaps I will propose this installation to the city of Lawrence transportation authority…  must first learn how to wicker.  Is ‘wicker’ a verb? Wickerwork?

spaceage studio


Gym tote/etc.

Adjustable straps for a yoga mat, split lining with zippered shoe compartment accessible from one side,  interior/exterior pockets for cell phones/IDs, key ring clasp.  Base has metal feet.

broken social scene/broken sewing machine

Thanks to the Textiles Dept. at KU for letting me use their machines at weird hours because meine Nähmaschine ist kaputt…  Bag #1 for Claire’s architecture firm/charity do-gooders is done.  When I emailed a textiles professor freaking out, I assumed there would be some no-nonsense protocol that you had to be in the department to use the machines, but he just handed me a bobbin and told me to have fun.  Must. Switch. Majors.