At the workplace today: Plastic Flora

  • ironed plastic sheeting (melts it, binds 3-4 layers together and makes it have a subtle bubbly texture)
  • cut, cut, cut hundreds of petal shapes
  • hot glued petals in layers

This project reminds me a bit of some felt dhalias (tutorial at notmartha) I made over Christmas… but HUGE.  I love my job.

6 responses to “workplace

  1. Holy Shitballs, that is amazing! Congrats on being awesome! TOMORROW!

  2. When you’re done with those post them my way. We’ll hang in the hallway. Freaking awesome.

  3. What is the plastic sheeting? Do you have a source for this or maybe some instructions?

  4. I second Nikki! Love these but would like to know what exactly “plastic sheeting” is. More info plsx.
    Great stuff. What a fun job!

  5. Nikki and peaches – its more like where would you find “plastic sheeting” that you could use for this? Lowes sells a plastic sheeting, but it does not look as thick as the one in the picture

  6. Thanks for the interest! Unfortunately, due to company contract , I cannot post a detailed tutorial.
    The plastic sheeting used is the drop cloth/tarp material found in rolls at Home Depot or Lowes ( In order to get the bubbled texture and stiffer structure, iron 3-4 layers plastic sheeting together, sandwiched between sheets of parchment paper (so as not to ruin your iron).

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